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✝ JESUS CHRIST POSSE ✝ jesuschristposse1@gmail.com Hardcore Christian militant punk rock delivered with pride and passion ✝ Sydney's JCP: rolling 12 disciples deep ✝ Debut release "The Shape of Monks to Come" Out now! Recorded, mixed and mastered by Beef ✝ Coming 2012: "JCP2: Judgement Day" ✝ Video for "Australian False Idol" now online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuRP3D1KCj8 ... more

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Track Name: Crown Of Thorns
Check out the wrath
O.G. from way back
Long before the Romans
Long before the Jews

Thorns on head
Cross on your back
Nothing left to lose
Track Name: Tyrannosaurus Test
65 million years
You're a fucking joke
12000years strong
That which I devote

You've fallen for the oldest trick
Fossils on the ground
Don't you know our prankster god
Likes to fool around

Tyrannosaurus test
Tyrannosaurus test
You're a fucking joke
Track Name: Kinder Suprised
Can't keep a secret?
You've got a story to tell
Original sin, hidden within
Got us all under your spell

Surprised! Teasing eyes
Tempting fate with creamy skin and supple thighs
Surprised! Kinder surprised? I'm not surprised.

Save the children?
So quick to blame
Save the clergy! At their mercy
Our cloth too small to hide their shame.

Surprised! Teasing eyes
Tempting fate with creamy skin and supple thighs
Surprised! Kinder surprised? I'm not surprised.
Track Name: Burn Rubber
Discard the sheath that seals your fate
Fuck for family, procreate


Letting our spirit and faith spunk roam free
We are wedded in holy matrimony
This holy act of consummation
Averts your sinful acts of fornication
Track Name: Evilution
An atheist creed, and for all I bleed
A hollow existence with the lies you feed
Burden of proof big fucking deal
Heavens closing over with the souls you steal

Atheist…out of my way
I don't need your fucking heathen shit today

Atheist….out of my way
Lord is my shepherd and I'm OK.
Track Name: Jesus Was A Punk Rocker
See you disgrace this house of my faith
Retribution is what you will taste

Call down the Father to infest these hands
Gives me the power to take a stand


Out on the street we'll show you how its done
Track Name: Jew Step
Watching Moses part the sea
Makes me jealous of his abilities
So I'm turning water into wine
Feel the mass it's party-time

Jew Step
Track Name: Thou Shalt Not Spill
Thou shalt not spill
Came the edict from the hill
After lie, cheat and kill
Thou shalt not spill

Can't choose the rules, obey the laws
Resist the urge to skeet on the walls
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
As I'm charging you with spermicide

Thous shalt not spill
Came the edict from the hill
After lie, cheat and kill
Thou shall not spill
Track Name: Touch The Leper
You're festering sores that most abhor
Infected skin or infected soul
But with one touch there is hope yet
That was the son of God that you just met

And don't forget it
You won't regret it
Try not to sweat it
But don't forget it
You won't regret it
I even bet it
Try not to let it
You won't forget it
Track Name: Australian False Idol
Justin Bieber, Jersey Shore
Miley Cyrus: teenage whore
Paris Hilton: modern whore ass
Amy Winehouse: rigor mortis
Masterchef on The Block
Ga Ga's panties
Kardashian witch, Kanye West
Footy on the day on rest

Australian false idol
Get on your knees

Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Sodom-Glee, Underbelly

Harry Potter, lust-filled vamps
Oprah, Bono, Sandilands
Kings of Leon, Jonas Bros
Charlie Sheen, Toe To Toe
Avatar you saw it thrice
But no ones Passion is The Christ

Australian false idol
Get on your knees
Australian false idol
Get off your knees
Track Name: On My Cross
Lie to me, lie to me
Take a walk through Gethsemane
Pass you by on your hanging tree
Lie to me, lie to me

Point you out from the twelve
Show the poser for all he's worth

Lie to me, lie to me
The final nail driven, on my cross
Track Name: Blasfiend
Never forgive you vilify the Holy Word
Your kin bundled in, guilty of eternal sin
You won't know what shit you're in
You won't know what shit you're in

Taking the name in vain
But he ain't the one to blame
Whether your lack of fame
Or victim in pain
Track Name: Fo'ever Young
Heal the sick
Speak in tongues
Never quit
Fo-ever Young”

I have taken all you throw at me
Roll the stone with a tomb to leave
A bloody mess, a fractured soul
To rise again…”Never growing old”

Can't keep a good dead man down
Track Name: J.C. Represent
Gospel it is said
Is a language dead
Living what we preach
Survive in soul's reach

Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him
Track Name: Jesus Christ Poser
This one's for you!

Saw you...down World Youth Day
On my...mind you did play
Been here...since ninety eight
You aint no lamb of god
Youre a fucking sheep
And youre weak

Fuck you Jesus Christ Poser
Track Name: Not For Prophet
You can keep your Blu-Ray and premarital sex
All your box collections and highly chiseled peeks
While your driving round town, got a story to tell
Fuck burning rubber, you're souls burning in hell.

Give it up, all you own
Give it up all you hold
You don't need it
Give it up, save your soul

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